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RINSED BLUE BASIC Relaxed Fit JeanRINSED BLUE BASIC Relaxed Fit JeanA basic blue jean, designed for MAXIMUM COMFORT & DURABILITY. A classic that will never go out of style. * five pocket design * Zip-fly jeans * 14.75 oz cotton denim * "RINSED" denim items will measure as labeled. * Sizes: W- 28-36, 38, 40, 42 L- 29, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 * For larger waist sizes see Plus Size


Made by Americans. Somebody please rush on down to the production floor and give those guys making those awesome cloths a pat on the back for me! Keep up the good work you guys should be proud of yourselves, I know I'm proud to wear my Prison Blues!

I've worn all kinds of jeans and these are GREAT! I have a pair of Relaxed fit jeans and have used them at my ranch and in the mountains. They are right when they say TOUGH AS NAILS!
Received my order and just would like to give some feedback on the quality that was not expected, top notch. You guys put out a great  product that will keep me coming back for more and I plan on passing the word to my fellow man. May God bless you all

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Relaxed Fit Jean
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A basic blue jean, designed for MAXIMUM COMFORT & DURABILITY. A classic that will never go out of style.
* five pocket design
* Zip-fly jeans
* 14.75 oz cotton denim
* "RINSED" denim items will measure as labeled.
* Sizes: W- 28-36, 38, 40, 42 L- 29, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38
* For larger waist sizes see Plus Size
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 16 reviews: 4.9
Submitted by gregory storey on Tue 20 Apr 2021 10:50:32 AM GMT
Submitted by Timothy Fontaine on Fri 27 Nov 2020 1:58:49 PM GMT
Good Enough to Wear to Church on Sunday!Been wearing their jeans to work on Monday. Throw them in the wash on Wednesday. Wear them to church on Sunday. After a year the denim is still dark blue, the zipper still works without a hitch, and the pockets still keep my keys from falling out. Heck, I might consider having the undertaker bury me in a pair. Written by Ol'Cat Evely on Mon 26 Oct 2020 2:33:47 PM GMT
The BEST Blue Jeans Made.My Review:
The Materiel: This is what denim is supposed to be. This material is what blue jeans is supposed to be made of. Tell your suppliers not to change a thing. As the old saying goes, "They wear like iron". Seriously, if I am on my knees running a chain saw or walking through brier bushes or working on a piece of equipment, this denim is up to the task.
The construction: Whoever is sewing these jeans together all I can say is: "Bravo!! keep up the good work!!"
As for comfort; Whether you are working on your hands and knees or driving to the next job, these jeans move with you and feel like a second skin.
I would rate these jeans FAR SUPERIOR to anything that Levis or Wrangler makes today. I told the manager of a farm supply store he should stock these jeans.
Keep up the great work!
The only suggestion I have is: Could you make a fleece lined jean?
Written by Gene E Adams on Tue 31 Dec 2019 1:21:42 AM GMT
Great pants!I use my denim pants for normal farm work, the are truly great. Strong well made and durable. Written by Rafael Jimenez on Fri 27 Dec 2019 5:36:52 AM GMT
Submitted by Elvira Hjortsberg on Fri 4 Oct 2019 4:18:37 AM GMT
My favorite jeans in rotation.These jeans scream quality. The denim is still dark although it's called Rinsed. I love the roomy, classic fit. If you're into heritage clothing, this is the one to get. Written by Jerome Deomano on Wed 28 Mar 2018 1:59:56 AM GMT
Absolutely the best jeans Ev’r!I’m an old trucker,biker, wrench monkey and I’ve worn many brands of jeans but Prison Blues jeans are the sturdiest most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. They are the only jeans I’ll consider wearing and I tell all my friends who I think are worthy of wearing the best jeans about Prison Blues. I really like the idea of inmates learning a good skill and hope that this prison clothing program stays around for a very long time. God bless you all! Written by Michael on Sat 23 Dec 2017 4:34:31 PM GMT
Ms Submitted by Michele Arnold on Mon 3 Oct 2016 9:05:07 PM GMT
best jeans I've had Written by K Wall on Wed 27 Apr 2016 6:08:22 PM GMT
Submitted by john radmacher on Mon 11 Apr 2016 2:18:21 AM GMT
Submitted by Ryan Adkins on Sun 21 Feb 2016 9:11:56 PM GMT
Submitted by James Bertin on Fri 4 Dec 2015 12:07:42 AM GMT
Submitted by charles cook on Wed 18 Nov 2015 10:30:43 PM GMT
Submitted by Joel Copley on Sun 15 Nov 2015 4:03:17 AM GMT
Submitted by Robert Daniels on Sun 15 Nov 2015 2:00:46 AM GMT

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