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Made by Americans. Somebody please rush on down to the production floor and give those guys making those awesome cloths a pat on the back for me! Keep up the good work you guys should be proud of yourselves, I know I'm proud to wear my Prison Blues!

I've worn all kinds of jeans and these are GREAT! I have a pair of Relaxed fit jeans and have used them at my ranch and in the mountains. They are right when they say TOUGH AS NAILS!
Received my order and just would like to give some feedback on the quality that was not expected, top notch. You guys put out a great  product that will keep me coming back for more and I plan on passing the word to my fellow man. May God bless you all

Prison Blues rigid jean sizes differ from some manufacturers sizing in the waist (see example).  Jean lengths don't differ from normal sizes.

Example:  When you order your normal waist size in Prison Blues rigid jeans they will be a little large in the waist before washing.  Once our jeans are washed they will then shrink to the waist size labeled.  

Prison Blues rigid products are not pre-washed.  The following items are considered rigid products:  Hickory work shirts, Rigid Yard coats, all rigid jeans. (see example)

Example:  If you order a size medium rigid yard coat when you receive your order it will seem big.  After washing your item it will fit to the size you ordered.

Prison Blues rinsed products are already pre-washed and can be ordered to your normal size. 

All other products are sized to incorportate the shrink to fit attribute.

For Best Color Results

Before first washing press leg seams flat and wash " wrong side out".  Turn "right side out" to dry.


A traditional favorite of farmers, factory workers, truck drivers, loggers, construction workers-----people who work harder than they play!!! * Rugged 14.75 oz. 100% cotton denim * Riveted stress points * Suspender buttons * Thick side tool pocket

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